...Make a difference, recycle smart!

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

  1. Register to recycle.
  2. Collect the smart-kit from any of our conversion centers.
  3. Sort recyclables with kit and we would collect your supplies at designated points.
  4. Earn Green coins (GCs) equivalent to your remitted recyclables.

What do I redeem “Greencoins (GCs)” into?

GCs are redeemable as any of:

How often can I redeem “Greencoins (GCs)”?

GCs are redeemable monthly.

What outstanding value does Recycling Smart Systems propose?

This Solution offers recyclable suppliers (restaurants, residents, retailing stores and individuals) an operationally efficient, dignifying and rewarding process of recyclable waste collection.

What is the Retreasure Smart Kit?

Retreasure Smart Kit (RSK) is a smart collection ware for collecting recyclables in form of plastic bottles and UBCs-aluminum cans sorted from source.

With the use of the RSK, recyclables will no longer go into drainages leading to flooding and unhealthy atmosphere. They will no longer go into burning/incinerations as practiced in some places, polluting the environment, and no longer occupy excessive space at the landfills.

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